Embracing Mind-Body-Home: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Space

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Show Notes

Introducing the Mind-Body-Home Podcast, formerly titled the Living Elemental Podcast.

Sara Ann, your host, discusses why she changed the title, and lays out her intentions for the 2024 podcasting season. Sara emphasizes self-improvement and spiritual exploration by delving into topics related to mental, physical, and environmental well-being. She also walks you through an intention-setting practice to help you connect heart to home at the start of the new year. She shares her personal intentions that involve mindful awareness, deep commitment, and staying patient with life changes. 

Lastly, Sara shares her goals for providing more meaningful content to her audience and aims to cultivate a community where listeners can learn and grow together.

Short on time? Skip to the highlights below.

00:08 Introduction and Podcast Rebranding
00:48 The Power of Voice and Words
01:15 The Importance of Auditory Learning
02:24 The Concept of Mind-Body Home
02:46 The Shift from Living Elemental to Mind-Body Home
04:59 The Importance of Serving Over Selling
05:38 The Power of Trust and Detachment
06:24 The Concept of Ease with Susie Moore
06:53 The Power of Choice and Letting Things Be Easy
08:49 The Importance of Taking Risks
11:18 Setting Intentions for Mind, Body, and Home
14:20 The Power of Intuition in Setting Intentions
22:30 Future Plans for the Podcast
24:11 Embracing the New Year
25:28 The Mind-Body Home Connection
26:08 Staying Connected and Wrapping Up

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