Of course, you want your home to look good, but we know your home must also feel good.

When you put your trust in us, you can expect to receive:

A space that feels safe and sacred.

A home that supports your healing, aspirations, and lifestyle.

A home that looks as if it belongs to you and one that you are proud of.

Elemental Interiors

Our full service decorative offering provides clients with a holistic approach to decorating by focusing first on their overall well-being.

Then, utilizing the five element theory through the use of decorative elements, clients receive intuitive design guidance implemented with custom tailored resources that are supportive of their personal vision & lifestyle.

Services include:

  • Space Planning for Optimal Energetic Flow

  • Interior Furnishing Selections with Custom Specifications

  • Custom Textile and Fabric Selections

  • Assistance in Selecting Finishes for a Custom New Build, Kitchen and/or Bath Remodel

  • Custom Window Treatment Selections, including Drapery and Shade Options

  • Assistance in Selecting Finishes for Plumbing and Light Fixtures

  • Project Management Including Purchasing and Installation

  • Accessory and Decorative Styling and Implementation

Feng Shui Consultation

We offer Feng Shui consulting to shift the energy of a client's space that will remove blocks or bring about a desired change or manifestation. Through age old wisdom and intuitive support, clients will achieve a new perspective through the lens of their living space

Services include:

  • Site Survey and Review (onsite & remote options)

  • Home and Personal Element Assessment

  • Floorplan & Bagua Assessment (BTB)

  • Home Numerology Assessment

  • Review of any Elemental Adjustments or Integrations

  • Follow-Up & Accountability

  • Space clearing 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Elemental Design

Our Elemental Interiors service is our signature offered at Jade Scott Design. Although originating in China over 5,000 years ago, the five elements ~ Water ~ Wood ~ Fire ~ Earth ~ Metal ~ are still very much applicable in our modern world and living environments. These fundamental elements, which have evolved from yin and yang energies, work in a creative cycle to achieve harmonious balance in our living space. When balanced, these elements provide a supportive energy that is found in all things that are a part of any creative process. Our approach is to creatively and intentionally apply the five elements through the use of color, shape, texture, & pattern. Further, because these elements are energy systems or patterns, not only do we create a space that looks aesthetically pleasing, but we ensure it is energetically aligned as well. In turn, creating a space that feels just as good as it looks.

The first step is filling out the inquiry form on our site. Once received, a member of our team will be in touch to schedule a clarity call with you so that we can ensure we are a mutually beneficial fit. Once we decide to move forward, a paid, in-home consultation will be scheduled to meet in person and review the project further. During this 60 minute consultation, we will discuss the scope of your project in further detail, as well as take photos and preliminary measurements where necessary. From here, our team will be able to draft a scope of work proposal. Once the scope is agreed upon, contracts and invoices will be drafted and work will begin on the agreed upon start date.

While project scopes vary greatly, clients can expect a 3-6 month timeline. Jade Scott Design specializes in customized interiors and boutique commercial properties. Because we are heavily involved in all aspects of the design and implementation phases, we typically see project investments starting in the $25K range.

Initial Consultations fee: $360

Jade Scott Design uses a combination of a flat fee and hourly rate. Fees vary greatly based on the project scope and the designers role in the project. Once we review the scope of work in detail during the in-home consultation, we can accurately provide a designer rate & fee for the project. For a general estimation, residential projects can expect our fees to be 10-15% of the total project cost.

No. Our fees are separate from any construction and furnishing budget. 

As part of our signature service, furnishings and decor are invoiced in full at the time of approval. Jade Scott Design provides all ordering, tracking, warehousing, and installation services. Additionally, all items are inspected upon arrival at our receiving warehouse and stored until we are able to perform a full installation.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement developed in China thousands of years ago. Literally translated to Wind ~ Water, Feng Shui seeks to enhance and improve the flow of energy through a space, known as qi (chi). The walls of our home is what connects us to the natural world outside. Therefore, when we intentionally connect with nature through the lens of our living spaces, we create a sense of harmonious balance that transforms the energy of our homes and lives. Energetic alignment within the home is as essential to our well-being as it is for the mind and body. Adjustments made to your home are done intentionally to bring balance to your life.

Below are a few common ways in which Feng Shui can assist you:

  • Seeking more abundance in wealth or success
  • Finding passion and purpose in our career
  • Seeking or improving more loving relationships 
  • Cultivating self love 
  • Showing up with more confidence and joy
  • Healing issues around health or family burdens
  • Buying, selling, or staging real estate, as well as floor plan analysis for those working with a trusted architect or home builder

The first step is filling out the intake form on our site. Once received, Sara will be in touch to schedule a clarity call with you to better understand your needs and lifestyle desires. From there, we will schedule an in-home consultation. 

*Remote options are available to those outside of the Austin, TX area.

There are several reasons as to why anyone would benefit from a Feng Shui consultation, but below are some common suggestions:

You are feeling stuck in one or many areas of life.

You know that something is “off” but you’re not sure what “it” is 

You are seeking a safe, nourishing space that promotes healing or overall well-being

You are experiencing a major life transition

You are ready to make changes in your life and welcome in new opportunities as they relate to your career, health, relationships, or wealth & abundance; amongst many others

As you’ll note on the intake form, there are many areas of life and home where we can begin to assess. After our initial clarity call, which takes 15-20 minutes, you can expect our next appointment to take approximately 60-90 minutes. During our time together, we’ll evaluate your floor plan and furnishing layout to ensure it is in alignment with your goals and desires. We'll also review your home numerology, personal and home elemental makeup and much more. Afterwards, you will have a greater understanding of how your home's energy has been potentially creating blocks in your life that have been hindering you from living the life you intended. We will also discuss adjustments and recommendations to help shift your home's energy back into alignment with mind & body. 

Our 90 minute consultation fee is $360, due at the time of service. We accept cash, credit, or check.

We do offer a free one time 20~minute follow-up via Zoom; typically 4-6 weeks after the in-home consultation. We want to allow time for any adjustment to be noticed and felt.

For some clients, however, the energetic shift that comes with a Feng Shui adjustment can be overwhelming. There are times when we are processing deeply rooted physical, emotional, and mental blocks. In addition, some of the recommendations and adjustments can take time to process and/or accomplish; for example, a decluttering project. Because of this, we offer 3, 6, or 9 month accountability coaching services after our 90-minute consultation. This can be discussed further during our clarity call as everyone's needs vary greatly.

Sara Kostelnik, is certified by the Earth Home School of Feng Shui under renowned author and Feng Shui expert, Tisha Morris. In addition, since 2019, Sara has studied the art of intuition under internationally-acclaimed author and innovative thought leader, Kim Chestney. Sara is certified as an Intuition Master Practitioner, (CIMP) allowing her to guide others on how to access and harness the power of their intuition. The intuitive practice is at the forefront of Sara’s approach to both her interior design and Feng Shui practice.