Our Other Home - Healing the Body Through Awareness with Rita Lampe

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Show Notes

In this episode, Sara welcomes Rita Lampe, an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and licensed clinical social worker with over three decades of experience. Rita seamlessly integrates Energy Medicine into her therapy sessions, creating a unique approach to healing that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.

With a unique blend of trauma-informed therapy, Energy Medicine, Reiki, EMDR, and intuitive practices, Rita creates a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore and heal.

The conversation touches upon the interconnectedness of energetic meridians, chakras, acupressure points, and the five elements, offering listeners a glimpse into the multifaceted approach to holistic well-being.

This conversation also highlights the power of energy work in understanding and balancing our bodies - our 'primary home'. The importance of understanding ancestral healing, past life exploration, and their impact on our current life is also stressed, helping listeners recognize the interconnectedness between our mind, body, spirit, and space.

Short on time? Skip to the highlights below.

00:00 Introduction and Importance of Body as a Home
00:32 Introduction to Rita Lampi and Her Work
02:25 Understanding Energy Medicine and Its Benefits
02:40 The Journey of Rita into Energy Medicine
06:51 The Concept of Body as a Home
07:43 The Power of Energy Medicine in Healing Trauma
08:04 The Role of Practitioner in Energy Medicine
08:28 Understanding the Connection between Body and Emotions
13:42 The Aura and Its Importance in Energy Medicine
17:32 Ancestral Healing and Its Impact on Current Life
20:33 Real-life Examples of Ancestral Healing
24:07 Exploring Past Life Traumas
24:33 Personal Experiences with Past Life Traumas
25:38 Understanding the Connection Between Past Lives and Current Experiences
26:00 The Role of Regression in Healing
27:31 Ancestral Trauma and Its Impact
28:48 Understanding the Body's Energy Pathways
31:56 The Connection Between Emotions and Physical Health
34:21 Understanding the Five Elements
36:02 The Importance of Understanding Your Dominant Element
38:01 The Benefits of Energy Work
39:48 Final Thoughts and Reflections

Connect with Rita:

For those intrigued by the transformative power of Energy Medicine and holistic healing, reaching out to Rita is a fantastic next step.
Mention "The Mind Body Home Podcast" when contacting Rita at rita@inharmonyenergybalancingandhealing.com to receive an exclusive 20% off your first session.